Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Quick post on a wine that I wanted to like but ultimately didn't. Olivier Pithon is a great grower who's top wines I've worked with on many an occasion. His magisterial Lais blanc is one such wine.
However his little Pithon, which was suggested to me as a fresh juicy Tuesday evening wine really showed up the problems inherent with white wine making in the south of France, yes it was fruity, but other than that it was lacking acidity and there wasn't enough character to cover up the 12.8% alcohol. Maybe if I'd been drinking it ice cold it would have been ok, but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it..

Having said that it did provoke the question as to exactly what 'hung like a horse' would be in French. 'Monté comme un cheval' for those wondering.

Also it has the dubious honour of having one of the more annoying side labels that I've seen in a while.
12.8% Vol - 87.2% d'Eau - 100% Plaisir. One was not amused.

I'll still try the red though....

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