Saturday, 25 April 2009

Eternum Vini

Well tonight was one of the easiest busy(ish) nights at work, everyone played along really well, the kitchen was pretty spot on and I got alot of stuff done on the wine list prepping for the stock take beforhand in the day, so all in all not too shabby.
Had a bottle of Eternum Vini Toro red from Johnny at Bancroft to taste, 100% Tempranillo which we opened at about 7.30ish.
However the tasting not might have tp wait till I'm less shattered and more capable of writing.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir 05

A little present from Francoise at Justerini and Brooks, a nice maturish Tasmanian Pinot Noir, showing a nose of framboise and slightly sweet herbs. On the palette there is a nice bitter red fruit character and some nice weight, elegant with a nice length and none of the soupyness that sometimes marrs new world pinots (though I appreciate that this rarely occurs from the Tasmanian examples).
What I'm liking is that it's sowing a bit of maturity, probably hasn't got lots and lots of life left - but it should be a treat with the confit duck that's just on the way for me.
Now then with the confit canard it was rather nice. The crispy duck shin really setting off the left over red fruit characters. However it did start to show a little bit too much heat on the finish. Leading me to check and yep - 14% alc, something that my current heavy exposure to french reds really leaves me cold.