Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I like wine. There are some wines that for personal reasons I really like; they might remind me of times gone by, they might just be particularly tasty, but they often seem to fall into the category of wines that are on sodding allocation. 
I called les Caves to enquire about Sorrenberg Chardonnay (a wine which I’m pretty certain I was one of the first people in the UK to buy as I ordered it on the day of their first showing it publicly), it transpired there were 15 bottles left. Obviously I took them (not a whiff of the Gamay though, a wine I seriously regret enthusing about all those years ago), but now being in possession of the wines leaves a slight conundrum. Is it acceptable to be exclusive regarding their sale? Obviously I’m not going to push the wines, they’ll be gone in a fortnight if I start to tell people what I think of them, but what about denying I have them. What about it someone I don’t really like comes in to ask about them? Apologise, I couldn’t get any more, how about this fabulous Tassie example? 
Have I really turned into Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons? Isn’t this pretty much everything I hated about snootiness in the wine trade? 

Anyway, I think I’ve decided to keep 6 bottles back for myself (fuck9ing glichen alright) and then to have the bottles available, but just not to push them (well unless you seem cool and really into wine and in need of tasting iconic cool climate new wave Australian Chardonnay, in which case I’ve got a LOAD of things that you NEED to taste, Sorrenberg included).