Saturday, 16 April 2011

Very fucking angry

 I'm on my way to see some friends, I've got a couple of half empty sample bottles of wine in my bag, but it's Friday night. So obviously I've dropped into the Sainsburys at the station on the way. Whatever's cheap, £10 for 12 of something in a can, and two bottles of cheap wine. That absolves me the sin of only drinking the decent stuff hidden in my bag.
Except, on arrival, I pull the bottles out and look at the labels. First Cape - South African, no? Well, no actually. They're Australian and......... reduced alcohol - 5.5% fucking alcohol. The bottle looks exactly like a normal bottle of wine. The label is white and there's a little silver medal like symbol on the bottom left with 5.5% written in it.
Reduced alcohol wine ought to have it's bastard status properly advertised on the label, a large red, crossed circle might just about do it. Maybe thick red and yellow warning stripes. Certainly not this subtle, I'll just blend into the others fake of a label.

Suffice to say I'm not particularly happy.

Also I've not yet mustered the courage to taste it - I'll post a tasting note as soon as I've calmed down enough....