Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cune, Monopole barrel fermented white Rioja 2005

Back to my parents house lateish in the evening after an 8 day week and the wine that's in the fridge is better than was to be expected.

Ripe rather tropical palette showing a sort of umami peach character, and a dollop of something floral on the nose. Initially I was finding the oaking a little intrusive as it was just a bit obvious, but a slice of prosciutto di parma seems to have remedied that.
Actually now the palette is a bit better balanced the wines rather good.

Anyhow the cheapo clarets I ordered for my dad have arrived. Though I might have to query the vintage on one of the wines as I'm pretty certain I ordered the Ch la toiur de Mons 05 and we've received the 03. I don't like the people in my restaurant that get overly heated up about vintage changes, but this is my money and I'm not that overly keen on 03 Bordeaux, as I'm a bit of an acid fan. Still I'm rather excited about getting stuck into some tasting.
We have, Chateau Lamartine 05, cotes de castillion, Ch du Retout 00, Haut Medoc, Ch Lenormand 05, Premiere Cotes de Bordeaux, the intruiguing looking Lalande Coutourier 05 which is an ABC (appelation bordeaux controle), 6 bottles of Ch Pontac Lynch 05 and a bottle of Ch Gazin Rocquencourt 05 Pessac Leognan which the nice girl I was chatting to sent me for free. I feel an entrecote bordelaise coming on.
Shame dinner tomorrow will be with a couple of vegetarians.....

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Back from Holiday

Back at work again after a 3 week holiday and suprisingly not much seems to have been done.
My commis, who will now be known as the glass wallah seems to have been incapable of maintaining the par stock levels on the wine fridges. Despite that being the last thing I asked of him. Hmmph. Still at least I've been rota'd a full day of office time to sort these things out.