Friday, 21 May 2010

Tuesday - DLR, EXEL and Magdalen

Wednesday morning;
I've awoken somewhat uncertain as to what I'm due to be doing later on in the day.
This might have had something to do with several rounds of espresso martinis at the Catch bar at Andaz. I would write more about the dinner, but until I can find some notes I'm a little at a loss as to exactly what I drank/ate. This much I'm certain, the Petaluma 83 Hanlin Hill Riesling smelt fabulous, unfortunately the waiter knocked most of it over my shirt. Well these things happen.
Later on Wednesday morning;
I'm on the DLR zooming towards EXEL. Like the pro that I am I've secured on of the seats at the front so I can pretend I'm the driver, but right then I was a bit distracted. You see I was reading the collected lectures on Agriculture by Rudolph Steiner.
Now you know how when you're young and stupid it occasionally seemed like a good idea to see how drunk you could get, or how long you could stand in front of a train for before moving. Well reading full on biodynamic converts talking about the meanings and importance of Steiner's teachings does a similar thing to my levels of credulity.
There comes a point when I'm reading about how the biodynamic preparations create helicocentric vorteces which enable cosmic energies to penetrate the 9 levels of the earth to help the Etheric Christ in his descent into the golden core of the earth by enabling him to take up the Archangel Micha-el's sword which will make the evil asuras spirits be useful(I think it said he was at level 6 at the mo if it helps), before rising again to do something - maybe have a pint or some chips - I was losing the will to concentrate. Errm, yes as I said, will to live/concentrate tends to get lost when I try to read utter tosh. Now sadly I was also trying to reconcile this with the myriad of balanced opinions I've come across from wine growers on the same subject. Either they're lying or they're ignoring some of the full doctrine.
Anyway that was my DLR trip.
Late evening;
I've wasted another day at EXEL not really doing much more than just tasting idly and chatting to friends. No great surprises there, and I'm off for a spot of dinner with Karen and one of her friends.
Magdelen nearish to London Bridge was suggested by Karen - "Come Donald, I promise it'll be your new favorite restaurant" or words to that effect.
I''d post some photos, but I didn't take any, I though about drawing diagramatic pictures but decided that would be cruel.
So a quick precis.
Obviously the (stunning) manageress had us marked as trade pretty much at the get go. But I don't think it was held against us.
Mussels win wine with onions and nettles was close to perfect as a starter, the broth doing everything it should have. I then shared a casserole of roast shoulder of kid with Karens friend, a carafe of Gaillac sec (Ch Clement-Termes) sorted the starters, then a bottle of Heinrich Red (Zweigelt, Blaufrankich, and St Laurent) was lovely once we'd chilled it a bit.
I've blanked out all memories of TBA's and small bottles, as they make me think a bit too much about bills and more precisely the exact size and dimension of certain bills in particular.
However - I will be going back.
Later at home;
The less said about this the better.

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