Sunday, 27 December 2009

Xmas drinking

So the drinking on christmas day way - Waitrose Amontillado Sherry, pretty nice, and a lot better than it ought to have been, a small glass of the Figeac 96 that had been in the decanter from the previous night, very figeac like, as it had a bit of the medoc about the nose, then an almost embarrassed core of ripeness, like it didn't really want to admit it was a St Emilion.
Some Joseph Perrier 99, which was good, quite rich, but lacking a touch of intensity and acidity.
Tinon Dry Szamoradni 03, which was almost Proustian in the way that the scent of it took me right back to the cellar and scrubbing the barrels.
Josmeyer Samain 00 Riesling was utterly revelatory, rich, tight, minerally, creamy, complex and frankly one of the best things I've put in my mouth over the last year.
Then Clerc Milon 96 - earthy/farmyardy with this lovely chocolatey shitty sort of nose.
After that I went to sleep.

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