Monday, 21 December 2009

Bugee jumping without the rope

Tonights featured wines will be...

Both from the Rubin Winery

A varietal Vranac, and teh Car Lazar, Stono Polusuvo Vino (Merlot, Vranac and Gamay) - neither wine appears to have a vintage, though there is a printed barcode like date on the back of them, so Vranac is 201108 and the Car Lazar is 231009, if that helps.

Vranac first - (Gergely has just suggested I think about what I'd like read at my palettes funeral, which I think might be a bit unfair)
Seems dark in colour, but then I'm sat in a dark corner. Slightly volatile fruit, there's a cakey like character here - almost a cinnamon, raisin marzepan like note - a bit more volatility and then I realise it reminds me of the German Christmas bisquits. On the palette it's quite light, with low tannins and a volatile plummy sort of character. Gergely rekons there might have once been a red fruit character..... Well I'm inclined to agree that there isn't really much concentration here, though once again I'm in agreement that the alcohol is balanced (there's only 11.5%) though that probably reflects the lack of character..
Also Gergely isn't allowed to make any more comments as they're getting a little of message.

Car Lazar
Now after the inauspiciousness of the Vranac, what will the Car Lazar reveal (apart from the cool name - Major Lazar!Q!!!!!!)
A reasonable amount of fruit on the nose - red berries and a touch of bramble, again lacking in any sort of intensity on the palette, one imagines that several decades of civil war impedes concentration, well at least imparts a certain skittishness.
This is ok, at least it's fruity and doesn't seem like a concerted effort to extol the virtues of dirty volatility. Right time to BBQ some lamb and get stuck into some seriuously convoluted regional politics.

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