Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Grand Village - Petit Bordeaux

Right, for the end of the night tasting we have a couple of entry level Bdxs from Armit, Grand Village blanc 07 and rouge 08.
Blanc first (5.48) - unappealing nose, lacking freshness with a sort of dirty edge. Good acidity and some citrus fruit. Come to think about it it might just be a bit sulphur retarded aromatically so trying the copper coin thingamybob. 12.5
Rouge (5.98) - simplistic dark fruit but noticeably Bordeaux (if you're thinking Bordeaux whilst tasting it as I am, possibly undermining the objectivity of the tasting here). Refreshing, a touch of balanced tannins and a pleasant finish. Not bad at the price.
Might take a few bottle of the red, it'd be £25 on the wine list, and would probably sit ok at that price.

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