Friday, 16 October 2009

DEux Montile whites

All 06 whites from the De Montile negotiant stable, DEux Montile, which I believe is overseen by the daughter (though a quick google check would probably tell me).
Montagny 1ere cru Les Coeres
Smoky bacon, fennel leaf, citrus and some mineral notes. Lovely subtlety and complexity. On the palette a lovely acidity that's tending towards some apricot flavours and turns a touch creamy on the finish.

St Romain
A much cooler bit of Burgundy this, and it's reflected in the .5% lower alc. Tighter more citrus and herbal nose, overlaying some unripe stone fruits. A hint of some lactic characters lead onto a very minerally palette, again showing a touch of cream on the finish.

Auxey-Duresses (under duress)
Quite floral, peach and creamy apricot fruit notes, minerally and angular on the palette, but with a slight void or hole where the alcohol is just a little bit visible.

Meursault 'Casse Tete'
As well as having the best name for a Meursault I've ever come across, this was very feminine and attractive. Tight, floral and pear like on the nose, there was just a suggestion of hazelnuts, (Gergely suggested green hazelnuts, which neither Toby nor I had ever come across so...). Again on the palette some cream though in this case the minerality lasted longer before it arrived.

Lovely wines, though as usual one feels that at the prices they're maybe too subtle to pop on a restaurant list. Ideal for home purchase though. All available from Genesis wines..

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