Thursday, 21 June 2012

John Dory starter

John Dory is an exceptionally ugly fish, however it makes up for this by being quite gorgeous. It's a trifle more expensive than my usual fish purchases, so I decided to cook it such that one could really focus on the fish.

Concasse tomatoes, finely chopped white onion, garlic, some mild green pepper, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar to balance the sharpness.

Gently cooked in some olive oil.

Two fillets, skin side down on a hot pan, they'll contract somewhat, when it looks like the right sort of time, kill the heat and flip the filets over, the residual pan heat will finish them nicely and make it less likely that you'll over cook them.


Paul Hart said...

I fucking love St Pierre; always buy some when I'm over in France.

Donald Edwards said...

I'm quite tempted to go back for another today...