Thursday, 26 April 2012

More details emerge regarding Tesco's LIWF stand

More details have emerged concerning Tesco’s ground breaking decision to host a stand at the London International Wine Fair.

Head buyer Dan Jago has confirmed that there will be an interactive reverse auction held on each day of the fair for wineries to participate in.

‘We’ve long felt that there isn’t enough transparency concerning our procurement procedures, and as such we wanted wineries who were interested in working with us to participate in an experiment in interactive real time cost adjustment. We’re very proud to announce each day we’ll take bids through out the day and obviously come the end of the day the winery that has proposed the most competitive bid will be given a chance to half it so as to gain one of our listings.’

Tesco have also announced that they will be running a series of closed door seminars on what they feel are some of the most pressing issues concerning the wine trade today.

Marketing; how to maximize your below the line marketing costs.

Shelf space costing; on the benefits to your brand of supporting multiple price discounts through the sales calendar, and the costing matrix for position to price ratios in different store types.

Stylistic consistency; on how you can most benefit from hitting certain stylistic sweet spots within your range.

Finally in an intriguing piece of whimsy they’ve announced that there will be a mock wine retail area where they’ll be demonstrating the effectiveness of their club card data manipulation. They’re inviting event goers to spend five minutes perusing the wine display, by which time motion trackers will have determined the visitors likely wine and grocery purchase as well as their name, address and out of work hobbies.

(of course none of the above is in the slightest bit true)

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Anonymous said...

Pitiful as it sounds, I LOLed at this.

There was an instance about four years ago when Tesco set up tents in their HQ backyard, called in all their producers and basically handed them a new 'terms' sheet....saying our price or the highway.

Although, Donald, I do think it's kind of cool that anyone can make an appointment with them and sell their product at LIWF.

I for one, have always wondered how well I would do on the Dragons Den.

Hope you're well.