Thursday, 8 December 2011

what do you call

What do you call a pile of Vietnamese baguettes?

A Bahn Micelle…

Shockingly bad jokes aside, I was at a slight loss as to what to do for lunch yesterday. A week in Paris was leaving me with no great desire for more French food, quite apart from the ease with which 50 or 60 Euros can be dropped on a couple of plates and a glass or two of wine.

One slightly joking suggestion from @LoveLELUU later I was on the Metro to the Vietnamese part of town. I’d seen a review of the Bahn Mi from Hoa Nam on rue de l’Ivry and it looked pretty much exactly what I was after.

The area around rue de l’Ivry is shockingly similar to bits of east London, Vietnamese restaurants and supermarkets, high rise tower blocks and loads of students.

2.80 euros later I had a baguette stuffed with pork belly, lacquered pork, cucumber, shredded marinated carrot, persil Chinoise (Chinese Parsley?) and lots of spicy sauce.

Fuck me it was good, I very nearly was back five minutes later for a second.

I think I want to move to the 13th district….

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