Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Croissant no.2

Maison Laurent,  following the advice of @mathildecuisine I trekked over to the wrong side of Montmartre to the home of dishy French television chef Gontran Cherrier. The best French pattiseries are like fashion boutiques, their glittering jewels the slices of chocolate and fruit tarts, confections of no small wonder vying for your attention all lined up with couture precision on thick marble slabs.
They leave me cold.

Behind the counter there are baskets of baguettes, proper baguettes, baguettes that taper to an almost needle like point, bread you imagine you could storm a Bastille with. Good bread.

And croissants. Sadly, not hot, but very good, a lovely caramel butter edge to the pastry and the proper crumble of the outer layers, with stray pieces attaching themselves to my lips.

A croissant as a croissant ought to be. 4.5*


Emma said...

"I trekked over to the wrong side of Montmartre" - *cough!*

Donald Edwards said...

sorry I know it's actually le cul de montmartre - non?