Monday, 31 October 2011

There is no place for fruit in cheese

Somethings are inherently wrong. White Stilton with apricots or cranberries is one such thing.
While I appreciate that some people will like the fruity sweetness of a nice piece of ripe fruit alongside the sharp acidic tang of a good cheese. There is no justification for the blasphemy that is mincing the fruit and then mixing it with low grade unaged pieces of non mould affected Stilton.
I think what gets me most is the faux affectation of quality that seems to come with the novelty value of the fruit addition. One can imagine the marketing wonks who came up with the idea salivating at the thought of people looking longingly at the cheese counter, ‘tonight, how about something special? Ooh what about that cheese with the fruit it it?’
To commit this crime on Stilton just makes it worse, I have no great desire for Wensleydale, as such it doesn’t rankle quite the same, however Stilton is a king amongst cheeses and to see it being debased so foully is where the upset comes.
So I’m proposing that next time we see cheese cut with fruit pieces, or layer cake designs of plastic factory cheddars and cheshires being served in anywhere where we frequent, we let it be know that it’s fucking wrong and shouldn’t have been made in the first place, let a lone purchased by anyone who has any authority of food purchase decisions.


Kavey said...

I agree I agree I agree! I say this all the time, but no one listens to me! Fruit WITH cheese, not only fine but bloody lovely. Fruit IN cheese, a wrongness upon the face of this earth.

Anonymous said...

Cheesey diatribe.


Lucy Bridgers said...

Too often they look like vomit. Vile.