Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Going travelling - blog mission statement

Blog goals and topics to cover:

(this might not follow perfectly as it's more a series of notes pertaining to things that I wnat to look into, obviously if other topics appear which I deem as very coverable I'll get stuck into covering them)


The effect of various terroirs on the wines grown on them.

Here I want to categorise various wineries according to the predominant philosophy of the wine makers, in an attempt to view the wines produced from them in the context of the peers in wine making terms. For instance natural or low sulphur wines should be thought of in the context of their peers, as would wines made with long hang time and lots of new oak.

Basic breakdown of a winery blog post:

Human interest part of the story, or something that makes it readable.

Tasting notes and a breakdown of the wines style etc.

Then an addendum that lists the soil types, wine making tech and so forth.

All this to be scrupulously tagged and interlinked.

Section of Australian terroir, with photographic examples of soil types, and a quite detailed breakdown of weather patterns etc.

Standard list of questions to put to the winemakers:



Place of study and their winemaking heroes

Choice of varietal and justification behind it – including a discussion of how the varietal interacts with the terroir in place

What makes them unique and interesting

Views on technology and espousal of it

Business model as applicable to wine production – e.g Grange Hermitage is more of a bdx style where as Hill of Grace could be marked down as Burgundian – essentially as discussion over the primacy of brand or terroir.


Narrative interplay between the food and wine matches, and the cultural positioning and preconceptions that influence the success or otherwise of the aforementioned matches.

Trace a basic food history of the areas that I visit and try and partake in the local food customs – in Australia look at how the foods etc have been influenced by the successive waves of immigration.

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