Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Easy drinkers from Loeb

My friend Silvia from OW Loeb popped round to have a little tasting with me this afternoon - yep I accept that it's slightly wrong being friends with the people you buy from, but it's slightly hard when you've got suppliers that are actually nice people, who also share quite a lot of the same interests - wine - ....
But I digress.
Surprise of the day - Domaine Sainte Merlin de La Garrigue, 2003 vdp de Coteaux de Besilles.
Now coming across a French appelation that I don't know always gets a raised eyebrow from me, as does coming across something like this -Mature nose, quite medoc like, sous bois, those slightly earthy redcurrant notes, then on the palette the grenache that's also in the blend fleshes it out leaving a bright and quite warming juicy finish.
Oh and it was only about £5.60ish ex vat. Probably not for everyone, but for a lunch time claret style wine it was great value..


Gergely said...

WOOOOW! An Apellation the Merciless Saint Claire of Reading has no idea about. That s rare, a weird cosmic constellation it has to be, that Mr Edwards comes across something he does not know. wow.
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your philosophy" (some old english buy called Bill)

Donald Edwards said...

Sod off