Sunday, 7 June 2009

Nicolas Potel, Savigny Les Beaunes, Les Charmeuses

I love Burgundian crus with names like les Charmeuses, they're completely see through in what they trying to convey, and yet quite appealing with it. 
I don;'t think I tried any Potel wines since back in Hotel du Vin days, but I seem to hear good thinggs about him, and it's quite lovely - delicate cherry floral notes, a pleasant freshness of acidity, a slight metallic note on the finish is the only slight downside.
However I am drinking it as a light lunchtime accompanyment, when in reality I ought to be thinking about breaking fast, possibly with a cup of tea, and settling in for a days worth of revision on ethical wines.
Funny how merely saying the phrase makes me want to beat several small dispossed ethnic minority infants into working frankly unsustainable work hours to produce wine for me. Hmmn, I might have to think about my attitute to work here.....

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